26-27 MARCH, 2024 - ATLANTA

Inspiration for your innovation!

Join leading food innovators, professionals, and experts as they discuss the newest innovations, technologies and developments in the industry. Our key speakers come from some of the largest companies to share their best practices, regulations, and techniques.

Over 2 days they will share cutting-edge case studies and exciting stories exploring that can help you improve your product launch success rate.

Subjects covered at this year's summit include:

- Bridging the Gap Between R&D and Quality

- Embracing Collaborative Innovation

- The Impact of Start-Ups on the Food Industry

- We Are Eating the Planet to Death - Here is How We Can Solve It

- Innovating for the Future of Food

- The Fuzzy Front-End of Innovation

Attend to hear their valuable expertise on innovation, technology, and R&D & Formulation.


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