Jen Batchelor, Kin Euphorics
Jen Batchelor
Chief Euphorics Officer
Kin Euphorics

Driven to change the ways we revel, Jen Batchelor brought her expertise of Ayurvedic practice, psychology, neuroscience, circadian rhythms, & quantum physics to concoct a tonic that would be the response to a long-unanswered need. She co-founded Kin Euphorics in 2017, bottling and canning a brain-powering combination of adaptogens, nootropics, and botanicals for anytime enjoyment. As the first Latinx woman to raise over $15 million in venture capital for a beverage brand, Jen has transformed Kin into a movement—and brought on co-founder and reigning industry supernova Bella Hadid to join the momentum. The scientific foremother and pioneer of the nonalcoholic & consumables wellness category, Jen is forever dedicated to innovating for the betterment of all.