Take a look at some of the presentations from the European event...

How to Adapt your Innovation Approach in a Global Pandemic

Johan Sanders, Chief Product Officer, Dawn Foods Global
Design Excellent Products and Deliver Them

Paola Pomi, CEO, Sinfo One
Corporate Engagement with Startups: Myths and Realities

José Luis Cabañero, Founder & CEO, Eatable Adventures
From Food Robotics to AI in 5 years to make a Healthy Life the Easiest Option

Glenn Mathijssen, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Alberts
How Eclipse Foods is Building the Beyond Meat of Dairy

Aylon Steinhart, CEO, Eclipse Foods
Opportunities in Plant-Based and Alternative Proteins

Zak Weston, Foodservice & Supply Chain Manager, The Good Food Institute
Creating a New Product Category: Lessons of Scaling Up from Spareroom to Boardroom

Sophie McGregor, Co-Founder
Ella Harland, Co-Founder,
Griddle Pancake
In the Mouth of the Beholder - Rethinking how we Talk about Taste to Eaters and Drinkers

Jörn Gutowski, Founder, TRY Foods