Positioning and Customization of Pet Food Products

Wednesday, September 21, 2022 13:25 - 13:55

With humanization being a significant trend in the pet food industry, customizing products has found its way to increasing. More and more human edible ingredients are used in pet food products, where a synergetic opportunity arises between human food and pet food industries. In this session, the presenter will identify some key trends and attributes for pet food development to fulfil the market gap created by this change.

Donuts, cupcakes, pizza, ice cream, birthday cakes, and biscuits are not only for human purposes anymore; pet food manufacturers have started creating these products for dogs and cats. Additionally, the concept of “food for a purpose” also finds its way into the pet food industry. Because consumers make purchase decisions based on personal experience and knowledge, the presenter will categorize the common attributes and similarities between humans and pets to explain the concept.

At last, we will discuss the customization of pet food products from raw ingredient production to retailing to increase customer satisfaction.

Ding Wang, Director of Research and Development, BrightPet