Learning, Adapting & Growing Toward Future Foods – How to Access the New Opportunities With a Pivot Mindset

Wednesday, September 21, 2022 13:25 - 13:55

The food industry is evolving very fast. Novel technologies have developed swiftly, creating new opportunities and challenging current business models.

In this changing environment, Sigma, a multi-billion-dollar food company with leading brands in 18 countries across North and South America and Europe, has been developing a strategy to ensure the company's future growth without compromising present business goals.

In this session, Joaquin will share some of the challenges of this journey:

How to build the foundations and develop a collaborative ecosystem (internal and external) and not die on the effort?
How to test ideas and products successfully that don't exist yet?
What lessons have we learned in Sigma, and what can we do better for the future?
How to generate differentiated offers that respond to consumer and customer needs across different geographies?

Joaquin Tirado Escobosa, Director of Product Development and Technological Platforms , Sigma