How PLM Can Significantly Reduce Risk While Managing the Ever-Changing Regulatory Landscape

Wednesday, September 21, 2022 11:20 - 11:50

In the current era of uncertainty, compliance risk management is rapidly becoming one of the most critical aspects of product development. Given the ever-changing landscape of global markets, food and beverage manufacturers must be prepared to anticipate and respond to potential risks to the supply chain. This requires agility and data insight to improve time-to-market, reduce unnecessary costs and meet rigorous safety requirements. Explore the unlocked potential PLM holds for your organization in helping meet these challenges. Join us to learn from an industry leader, Cargill, how PLM can help significantly improve collaboration and operational efficiencies while ensuring that all new product development is compliant with all applicable regulations.

Michael Frankel, Vice President of Sales, North America, Selerant Corporation

Alex Eapen, Director – R&D Scientific & Regulatory Affairs – North America, Cargill

John Sweeney, NA R&D Shared Capabilities Team Global R&D PLM project lead, Cargill