An Innovation Dilemma: Case For Change OR Burning Platform

Tuesday, March 29, 2022 14:35 - 15:05

In assuming leadership of the Coca-Cola's Freestyle Division, Chris Hellmann learned a difficult and meaningful lesson: Disruptive Innovation has a Short Shelf Life.

In today’s environment of lightning-fast business cycles, keeping up with change and innovation is not optional nor should it be an annual planning event.  As leaders we must constantly drive an innovation agenda…but how do you know if it’s time for practical evolution or true disruptive innovation?  Do you have a clear assessment and innovation plan for your company, product or brand?  Are you building a Case for Change or standing on a Burning Platform?  Chris will share lessons learned and a way to help you assess your innovation requirements and a blueprint for how to approach practical evolution vs. true disruptive innovation.

Chris Hellmann, Former VP and GM, Coca-Cola Freestyle and Dispensed Innovation, The Coca-Cola Company