How to Use A.I. to Predict What Food Shoppers Really Want

Monday, March 28, 2022 15:10 - 15:40

Artificial Intelligence is capable of predicting what consumers want to eat, even before they know they want it themselves. But when it comes to shopping personalization, there’s a big difference between Netflix, Spotify, or even Amazon and the world of food retailing. Food is just so much more…complex. In this session, Henry Michaelson, Co-founder and CTO of Halla, the Taste Intelligence company, takes us on a journey through the ontology of food, how machine learning algorithms can be trained to understand human taste preferences, and what food innovators and food retailers must know about predicting food shopping behavior. Along the way, he takes a look at the latest machine learning methods (and why most of them don’t work for food), customer data privacy, and how AI should be used to add value to consumers’ daily lives.

Henry Michaelson, CTO, Halla, Inc.