Sustainable Coffee at Tchibo - Creating Value Together

Tuesday, March 30, 2021 10:30 - 11:00

In today’s social conscious climate, consumers care about sustainability and where their food comes from. They want social and environmental transparency and strive for brands that are committed to these business practices. But in reality, scaling sustainability in the coffee industry is a long-term journey.

Nanda Bergstein, Director of Global Responsibility at Tchibo, Europe’s #1 Coffeehouse, will discuss how she is transforming a 70 year old heritage brand – that recently launched its coffee brand in the US – to become a holistic sustainable business and what other companies can learn from the innovative initiatives at Tchibo:

  • What does sustainability means for Tchibo and how is it achieved?​
  • Why empowering the people is one essential part for creating change regarding fairness and sustainability​
  • Embracing the challenges:  Unpack the most consequential issues and learn how finding solutions will create a more equitable world: human rights, living income for farmers, environment protection and climate change​
  • We are part of a disruptively changing world.  What does the future of sustainability look like and how will technology play a role in amplifying our efforts?​

Nanda Bergstein, Director of Corporate Responsibility, Tchibo