How to Handle Trade-Offs Between Quality, Safety and Costs especially in the Context of a Post-COVID Recession?

Tuesday, March 30, 2021 09:05 - 09:50

  • Has your industry experienced an increase in ‘product reformulation’ since the beginning of COVID?
  • How can we serve the different consumer groups that will arise after COVID (e.g. ‘insulated’ vs ‘constrained’)?
  • How to reach the right balance between potential short-term gains and long-term reputation, both at product and brand/company level?
  • What kind of disruption has COVID-19 caused to food supply chains and to food suppliers/partners?

Matteo Gori, Global Marketing Director, Barilla Group

Brian Quandt, Group Development Leader - Meat Products, Hormel Foods

Atanasios Moschos, Quality, Security & Safety Director, Leonidas

Philip Calabrese, Senior Quality Engineer, Meati Foods