What Happens after Disruption? Using Continuous Listening to Nurture Innovation

Tuesday, March 3, 2020 08:55 - 09:30

Every week, Blue Apron offers its customers 17 thoughtfully crafted recipes across two meal plans: 11 recipes on its Signature Two Serving Plan and 6 on its Four Serving Plan. Each recipe is part of a portfolio of offerings designed to satisfy different taste profiles and cooking effort requirements while also maintaining Blue Apron’s uncompromising commitment to quality, discovery, and sustainability, through its ingredient and animal welfare standards, promise to reduce food waste, and the creativity its customers expect. This balanced selection includes meals that are 30-minutes or less for busy weeknights, “carb-conscious or “plant forward” for health-focused home cooks, longer, more indulgent offerings for enthusiastic chefs, and recipes that meet a wide variety of dietary preferences.

So how does Blue Apron design for these outcomes, bringing together a combination of quantitative and qualitative data inputs and existing foundational insights about the market and its core customers? This session, led by John Adler, Vice President of Culinary and Physical Product, and Jill Fruchter, Head of Consumer and Product Insights will explore Blue Apron’s recipe for product innovation, a unique combination of the varying consumer motivations, attitudes, and preferences toward mealtime and the many business decisions involved with product innovation week after week.

John Adler, Vice President, Culinary and Physical Products, Blue Apron

Jill Fruchter, Senior Director, Consumer & Product Insights, Blue Apron