The Innovation Story and Strategy Behind the Recent Launches within the Sauces Category

Tuesday, March 3, 2020 10:10 - 10:45

We refer to them as tomato, red, or white sauces. However, the most appropriate name would probably be pasta sauces. In Italy, beside a few exceptions, pasta is mainly eaten with sauces. In United States, things are slightly different. Pasta is seen as more versatile and is not always served with sauces. In order to overcome this, we had to ask ourselves “How can Barilla, the Italian Food Company since 1877, help consumers enjoy a premium Italian experience through the use of sauces?.” Knowing that this is a big challenge within a crowded and saturated market, we approached it through 3 key points:

  • Our good for you and good the planet principles
  • Classic and disruptive innovation approaches
  • Boosting the Italian identity of our products

Maroun Atallah, Product Development Manager, Barilla America, Inc.