Innovate or Die: Creative Ways to Encourage, Support and Fund Innovation

Tuesday, March 3, 2020 13:50 - 14:25

When you are touting “nature’s most perfect food” what is the need to innovate? This is the question U.S. dairy was forced to ask itself as the emergence of new products began crowd the shelf space dairy has long enjoyed. This session will give you an honest look at the uh-oh moment one company had when faced with some fierce competition and will show you the why and the ways to innovate if you aren’t already doing so. What are you waiting for?

This presentation will:

  • State why innovation is necessary for a company
  • Argue innovation need not be best thing since sliced bread
  • Use Dairy as case study - as dairy faced increased competition and scrutiny and was slow to change
  • Assert that by focusing on people, partnerships, projects you can create culture of innovation
  • Encourage to not allow funding to be a barrier to innovation

Monica Massey, Executive Vice President, Chief of Staff and Chief Innovation Officer, Dairy Farmers of America