A Front Row Seat to the Revolution – What Incumbent CPGs must Learn from Emerging Brands

Monday, March 2, 2020 11:35 - 12:10

It is the same story, time and time again. Entrepreneur creates a revolutionary new product in a crowded market. Everyone tells them they are nuts for dedicating so much time to it and that it will never be successful. Emerging brand breaks through barriers and beats out competitors, some of who have been around for decades. Big company tries to compete with the introduction of a similar product and, ultimately, buys the once emerging brand instead.

Corporate flagship brands are under threat of stagnation of innovation. As a contributor to Forbes Magazine and adjunct professor at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, Paul Earle spent 12 months closely profiling 12 founders of the most revolutionary and boldest companies in the industry for his new book, ‘A Front Row Seat at The Revolution’.

From Beyond Meat to Peloton to Halo Top, Paul identified these companies as extraordinary in their very early stages. Their creators reflect with Paul on what set them apart and ultimately resulted in a valuation of over $12 billion, collectively. Amongst these characteristics are 7 markers for success that all of them have in common.

In their presentation, you will learn from Curion’s CEO Sean Bisceglia and Paul, the steps that even the largest global CPGs can take to innovate from within the company instead of searching for the next emerging brand to buy, how to make a brand a successful experience and not just a product and how even the largest companies can get closer to their consumer to give them what they want.

Sean Bisceglia, Chief Executive Officer, Curion

Paul Earle, Principal, Earle & Company