Why is it Important to know Where your Food Comes From?

Tuesday, February 5, 2019 10:05 - 10:40

  • Crowd Cow brings high-quality craft meats from independent farms directly to your doorstep, empowering consumers to discover better-tasting, dry-aged meat that’s not available in stores, and to know exactly where their food comes from
  • The Crowd Cow team has envisioned a marketplace of hundreds of producers, complete with transparency and a direct connection between consumer and farmer, starting with the meat industry. The sharing economy’s latest big idea allows consumers to buy portions of an actual cow online with strangers by claiming their favorite cuts, tipping the cow and becoming a “steak holder.” The marketplace assures every part of the cow is consumed - no parts wasted in this transparent model
  • In this session, Crowd Cow’s co-founder will discuss how transparency should be a universal right and share consumer insights that reveal how consumers are demanding to understand where their food comes from, right down to the name of the farmer that produced it

Joe Heitzeberg, Co-Founder and CEO, Crowd Cow