Innovation by Re-Thinking Restaurants

Tuesday, February 5, 2019 11:40 - 12:15

  • The way modern society grows, prepares, orders and delivers healthy food is changing an industry
  • The way we think about the modern restaurant, and how we get delicious food when we want it, is also changing
  • Convenience, customization and quality ingredients from trusted sources are as paramount to the consumer as it is to the restaurant and its suppliers
  • Kiosk ordering through touch-screens may be gaining momentum in fast casual restaurants, but technology and algorithms that learn consumer buying habits, reduce food waste and aide with improving the overall food experience through consumer feedback is driving sales today
  • The modern restaurant concept is an evolving and innovative space: food, technology and data can converge to offer a modern society better access to delicious, nutritious food

Emily Splett, Director of Menu Development, Farmer's Fridge