The Modern Marriage: Agility - meet Scale, Scale - meet Agility

Monday, February 4, 2019 10:10 - 10:45

As part of PepsiCo’s Performance with Purpose vision, we are committed to open innovation and collaborating with the change-makers of the future to help lead the transformation of the food and beverage industry. This is why for years PepsiCo has fostered relationships with startup brands, including through programs like the Nutrition Greenhouse and The PepsiCo HIVE, and through partnerships with The Hatchery Chicago and Mass Challenge.

These initiatives tie back to three critical ideas: embracing the entrepreneurial mindset, seeding future growth, and mutual mentorship, with a commitment to diversity underpinning our efforts. We believe the future of food is built on collaboration, and in this talk I will discuss how marrying the innovation and agility of small companies with the scale and know-how of big companies can help ensure more consumers get access to more of the trusted, delicious and nutritious food and beverages they are looking for.

Tammy Butterworth, Global R&D Manager, PepsiCo