“Big Fish, Little Fish…How Emerging Brands Build Value & Why Big Brands Buy Them”

Tuesday, March 27, 2018 12:30 - 13:05

  • Despite spending hundreds of millions of dollars in R&D, big food companies are buying small, emerging food and beverage brands, most often in the health and wellness space, at an accelerated pace
  • It appears that R&D has become R&A. The acquisition of Annie’s by General Mills and Scharfenberger Chocolates by Hershey are superb examples
  • “Big Fish, Little Fish” is an entertaining, sometimes provocative look at how small food and beverage brands build mass awareness, appeal and marketplace value (on miniscule budgets) and why they are so often acquired by huge, multinational companies
  • Using a combination of case studies, interviews and observation, “Big Fish, Little Fish” is designed to be immediately actionable by food companies regardless of size, product line and channel

Jeff Manning, “Godfather”, GOT MILK?