Transform or Stand to be Disrupted

Monday, March 26, 2018 16:10 - 16:45

Successful transformation is absolutely critical for businesses to survive now and anywhere in the near future. The pace of change is so fast and staying flexible enough to quickly evolve with future innovation is essential.

Andria is a transformational innovator who has successfully driven strategic growth at 5 companies in the intensely competitive CPG space. She has continued to synthesize her learnings and best practices and developed her own proven approach that quickly identifies opportunities by understanding insights in the rapidly changing consumer, competitive, and industry landscape.

The key areas of discussion will focus on what Andria has learned in building two Chicagoland-based innovation centers: focus on the consumer, how the people and culture of your organization play a factor in transformation and a compelling case for change.

Andria Long, VP of Innovation & Consumer Insights, Johnsonville Sausage