5 Startups Turning the F&B Industry on its Head


One of the leading brands storming the alternative protein market is JUST. Their mix of scientists and Michelin-starred chefs work together to produce a range of vegan mayonnaise, cookie dough and, most famously, plant-based egg, soon to be rolled out across the US.

Previously Hampton Creek, the Bill Gates backed start-up recently announced their plan to venture into cell-based meat within the next few years. With an appetite for plant-based protein alternatives set to reach $5.2 billion by 2020, JUST are leading the way for alternative protein.

Find out how JUST plans to lead the sustainable, plant-based revolution in VP of Product Development Chris Jones’ Day 1 opening keynote at the American Food Innovate Summit.
Courtesy of JUST

Perfect Day

Leading the cellular agriculture industry is Berkeley-based start-up Perfect Day. The duo aims to stop the dairy industry in its tracks with their patented animal-free dairy proteins and scored $24.7 million in Series A round funding. The yeast and sugar-based milk is high in protein, lactose-free and has a smaller environmental “hoofprint”.

As sales of plant-based milks shoot up and protein demand expected to increase by 80% by 2050, Perfect Day looks set for a successful future combatting global issues.

Co-Founder Perumal Gandhi will be sharing insights into the disruptive start-up in his session “Perfect Day: A New Supply Chain for Protein” at the American Food Innovate Summit.

Crowd Cow

Consumers are increasingly concerned with where their food is sourced, with customer’s under 35 happily paying more for ethically-sourced produce. One Seattle-based start-up knows this all too well, having created a market for premium cuts of meat, such as Olive Wagyu, delivered to the US for the first time.

Crowd Cow connects small, independent farms with buyers all over the US looking for sustainably sourced, artisanal craft meats. Having raised an astonishing $8 million through backers such as Ashton Kutcher, this sharing economy’s latest initiative encourages consumers to become “steak” holders by claiming various cuts as shares, ensuring nothing goes to waste.

Catch Co-Founder and CEO Joe Heitzeberg’s session on Why its Important to know Where your Food Comes From on Day 2 at the American Food Innovate Summit.
Courtesy of Crowd Cow

The Chaat Company

Bringing Indian cuisine to mainstream US market is no small task. More experienced than most are The Chaat Company, a snack-based start-up revamping traditional Indian street food for the modern American consumer.  Their grab-and-go snacks can be found in Whole Foods stores across the country.

Having undergone an extensive re-branding and product pivot in 2017, the start-up’s $1 million in seed funding is propelling their immersive Indian street-food experience, Chaat Live.

This year, The Chaat Company are back at the American Food Innovate Summit with Lessons in taking Ethnic Food Mainstream. Find out more about CEO Anshu Dua’s session in the program.
Courtesy of The Chaat Company

Farmer’s Fridge

In a world where convenience is king, Farmer’s Fridge is taking back the vending machine. The Forbes’ top 5 Chicago start-up is delivering wholesome, healthy, convenient food to the masses using automated smart Fridges based around the city. With local partners contributing seasonal ingredients, Farmers Fridge aims to donate un-purchased meals to local community members in need.

The start-up recently netted $30 million in series C round funding, giving Farmer’s Fridge the boost it needs to add another 400-500 fridges to cities across the Midwest.

Don’t miss Founder & CEO Luke Saunders’ session on Innovation by Re-Thinking Restaurants at the American Food Innovate Summit.
Photo courtesy of Farmer's Fridge