Inspiration for your innovation!

Thank you to everyone who attended the American Food Innovate Summit in Chicago we hope you had a wonderful experience and we hope to see you next year!

Subjects covered at this year's summit include: 

- What are the Post-COVID Learnings for the Food Industry?
- The Challenge of Fresh Prepared Foods: Clean Label and Shelf-Life
- Innovate or Die: Creative Ways to Encourage, Support and Fund Innovation
- What is the Future for Consumer Feedback through Social Media?
- Learning from the Entrepreneurial and Start-Up Culture: Innovate Faster or Stand to be Disrupted


I’ve attended many scientific conferences but this was by far the best. All the topics and speakers were high quality and I learned something from them. There was a wide range from start-ups to large industry speakers with different backgrounds, so it was nice to here all inputs on innovation.

- Co-Founder and Head of R&D, Bugeater Foods

Great opportunity for networking and updates on what's trending

- R&D Senior Scientist, Kerry

One of the best conferences I've attended in a long time

- R&D Director, PepsiCo

A great opportunity to get in touch with innovation around the food industry

- Op-Ed Columnist, Forbes Latin America

The American Food Innovate Summit was a great conference to meet, hear and see the people behind the scenes of all the brands we have come to love and engage with. Understanding how they take advantage of opportunities and/or overcome challenges provided our team with great insights. We take these experiences and hope to apply them to help small brands like BOU continue to grow

- Co-Founder & President, BOU

The American Food Sure and American Food Innovate are well-organized events with high-quality speakers who are able to share real-life case studies on best go-to-market strategies to win at retail, i would recommend taking part to see the latest developments.

-Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer, AeroFarms