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Thank you to everyone who participated in the 11th Annual American Food Innovate Summit 2019. The agenda focused on...

  • Enhancing your formulation with the most innovative and exciting ingredients 
  • Discovering and defining the latest and future trends in consumer behaviour & buying patterns 
  • Distinguishing your product in a saturated marketplace with breakthrough ideas
  • Achieving a cleaner label without sacrificing on taste, texture or tradition
  • Improving new product launch success rate
  • Planning your product life-cycle with best practice from industry experts

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Enjoy Life Foods CMO: A product doesn't have to be perfect at first

Allergy friendly snack company Enjoy Life Foods didn't aim for perfection when launching its Protein Bites. In fact, it endured some lackluster consumer reviews and underwhelming sales before figuring out how to position the snack that's now securing a new store listing roughly every 10 days.

The Feed Podcast at Food Innovate

We visit the 11th annual Food Innovate Summit, where chefs and scientists come together to share their findings and predictions on where the industry is headed. We’ll talk scaling, data analysis and product development, but you don’t need an MBA to understand all of it.

I’ve attended many scientific conferences but this was by far the best. All the topics and speakers were high quality and I learned something from them. There was a wide range from start-ups to large industry speakers with different backgrounds, so it was nice to here all inputs on innovation.

- Co-Founder and Head of R&D, Bugeater Foods

Great opportunity for networking and updates on what's trending

- R&D Senior Scientist, Kerry

One of the best conferences I've attended in a long time

- R&D Director, PepsiCo

A great opportunity to get in touch with innovation around the food industry

- Op-Ed Columnist, Forbes Latin America

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